About Drug Sense UK

Drug Sense UK is a dynamic and progressive training company offering professional and cost effective training. Our consultants are experts in their own right recruited from professional backgrounds (police etc..) we come armed with a wealth of knowledge and practical advice gained from our first hand experiences tackling drug users/dealers and suppressing the supply of illegal drugs. We believe our training is the best on the market, offering our customers both professional and practical advice on how best to identify and resolve drug misuse problems your organisations may be facing. Don’t take my word for it, see what our customers/clients are saying about us..!!

(North Yorkshire Moors & Coast Tourism Partnership) North Yorkshire Moors and Coast Tourism Partnership – Seminar - Watermill

We are passionate about tackling drugs misuse, and this is reflected in our training. We believe in giving our customers the facts, not overloading them with statistics or percentages, or showing them lovely graphs and pie charts, but looking at the core issues ie, identifying and resolving drugs misuse. We will arm you with the necessary ‘skills and knowledge’ and more importantly, the ‘confidence’ to effectively resolve these problems. Early intervention is the ‘key’ to success, and in order to achieve this you need practical and professional training, and that’s down to us at Drug Sense UK.

Our message is a simple one..’drugs misuse’ is part and parcel of the society we now live in, it’s not going to go away, and it’s time for all organisation, whether that be in the educational, business or public sector, to put Drug Awareness Training at the top of the agenda and establish a safe and healthy workplace for all, as well as ensuring all current legislation is adhered to.

It makes no difference what the particular drug being abused is, alcohol, illegal drugs, solvents.. the stark reality is they all have the ability to ‘destroy lives and pose serious problems for both the individuals and organisation who employ them.

Please have a browse around the site, I am sure you will be impressed with the services that we can offer. Rest assured should you choose Drug Sense UK to facilitate your training , we will do our utmost to develop a training programme that best suits ‘your particular needs’ and one that provides maximum benefits with the minimum of disruption to you. Contact us now to discuss your needs...

We look forward to working with you.

Dave Parvin (MD and Senior Consultant – Drug Sense UK)