Courses for those in the Education Sector

Drug Sense UK has over the years built up extensive links with our customers/clients in the Education Sector and have a better understanding than most providers of the impact drugs misuse can have within your School/College/University. Having delivered many courses/seminars and pupil insets we understand the importance of delivering training that best suits your needs and provides your staff with the necessary ‘skills, knowledge and most of all confidence’ to be able to effectively identify drugs misuse at the earliest opportunity, thus put in place practical and realistic measures to deal with it.

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1. Head Teacher (George Pindar Community Sports College) Hugh Bellamy (right) discussing illegal drugs and paraphernalia with Drug Sense UK Senior Consultant Dave Parvin.

2. HR Manager Kate Hunter and staff at Darlington College receiving their Course Certificates

3. Take the test..!! Can you identify the six illegal drugs listed in this photo. All of which have been seized/found in educational establishments.

We provide a number of training courses/seminars/insets designed to suit your particular needs, professionally delivered with a passion and belief ‘we can all make a difference’…Here is a few samples of what training we can provide for your School/College/University:
  • Teacher Drug Awareness Courses (Level One). This particular course is designed to arm you with the knowledge, skills and confidence to identify user/dealer patterns, illegal drugs and associated paraphernalia and key pointers on physical signs and symptoms. Download course information

  • Teacher Drug Awareness Courses (Level Two). We also deliver an advanced course, Level Two Download course information

  • Management training days (see Management and Control of Drug related Incidents Course..) A two day Course covering the Level One Drug Awareness Course Syllabus and workshop based scenarios designed to evaluate your knowledge and skills in dealing with Drug Related Incidents in your establishment. A very beneficial course... Download course information

  • Student/Pupil Insets – Delivered via a ‘powerful and graphic’ powerpoint presentation, in which the realities of using/dealing drugs are reinforced. An opportunity for Students/Pupils to discuss in confidence the ‘truths and myths’ surrounding drug misuse with our expert consultants. Download course information

  • Parent Seminars - A fantastic tool for forging parent/teacher links and provides vital information for the parents on how to recognise and resolve the early signs of drug misuse. Parents have to play a vital role in combating drugs misuse, these seminars provide the platform to build effective partnerships with the school as well as giving parents the confidence to confide with teachers any issues they feel warrant further evidence gathering with regards to their child.
Click here to see how these courses link to the Danos Standards

Drugs Misuse has no social boundaries, and those who choose to use/deal drugs are quite often the very last person you would have suspected. However if left unchecked the problems will without doubt escalate and will impact on the creditability of your School/College/University. The last thing any organisation wants is a ‘fatality’ or criminal investigation because of drugs misuse. It is therefore imperative that your staff receive the best possible training to enable you to identify the ‘early signs, symptoms and behaviour patterns’ as well as the vast amount of illegal drugs and associated paraphernalia in circulation. We at Drug Sense UK believe we can provide you that. Our very experienced consultants (ex drug squad officers) come armed with a wealth of first hand experience in identifying and resolving drug misuse problems, enabling us to provide you with realistic and practical solutions.

Why choose Drug Sense UK..??

  • Very experienced Consultants with first hand experience in identifying and dealing with drug misuse problems you may have to face.
  • Extensive links with the education sector, delivering courses/seminars and insets right across the country. Thus enabling us to keep a breast of national and local trends and pass on this knowledge to you.
  • Professionally delivered training tailored to suit your own particular needs. We understand the difficulties you have in organising staff training days, and the sensitivity and confidential issues you may have to address when dealing with drugs misuse in your organisation.
  • Confidential help, support and advice.
  • Course mapped top Danos standards (click here for further details)

What’s new..??

Sir Alan Steer (the Government behaviour advisor) has submitted a report to Ed Balls recommending that teachers be given the powers to search pupils for ‘alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and stolen property…this is in addition to recent new powers to search for ‘guns, knives and dangerous weapons’…

"I want to help schools crack down early to prevent problems further down the line. We need to ensure schools have the powers and support they need to maintain good behaviour and to stop problems in the wider community, such as drugs and alcohol use, entering the school grounds," Mr Balls said.

Drug Sense UK have secured the services of RPL Safety Consultants and are now able to provide a ‘condensed number of training days’, delivering tailored training packages designed to arm your staff with the necessary ‘skills, knowledge and confidence’ to conduct ‘searches’ in a professional, courtesy manner. The courses can be tailored to your particular needs but may include the following skill areas:
  • Correct searching methods that will allow staff to search safely and within the boundaries of current legislation.
  • Knowledge and skills to be able to identify illegal drugs and associated paraphernalia.
  • Seizure and documentation of items found.
  • Advice on the criminal law with regards to ‘possession and supply’. When to involve the police
  • Chain of custody and subsequent disposal of items found
  • Behaviour patterns of those suspected of using/dealing drugs
  • Use of hand held ‘metal detectors’
  • Conflict resolution

Please contact us direct for further information about the training we can provide you. We would be delighted to hear form you...

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