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Business Level 1 Course

This particular course is suitable for a wide range of occupations and those attending will develop specific knowledge and skills on how to identify the signs, symptoms and behaviour patterns of those who are abusing drugs, as well as developing their knowledge on how to recognise the wide range of illegal drugs and associated paraphernalia. This is generally delivered as a days course but can be tailored to your own specific needs.

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Business Level 2 Course

Our level two course is a 5 day modular based course, delivered in line with Home Office Guidelines on Drug and Alcohol Misuse within the workplace.

Delegates are assessed througout the course and are expected to attain a minimum 75 % pass mark from final day multi choice exam. This particular course can again be delivered in house or at one of our local Conference Centres. Courses require a minimum of 10 delegates and max of 30.

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Management and Control of drug related incidents

This course is designed to introduce delegates to a range of Drug Misuse issues such as, how to recognise controlled drugs and associated paraphernalia, physical signs and symptoms of drugs misuse, user/dealer patterns, safe handling of drugs and paraphernalia, as well as incident and management control of drug related incidents within their own organisations.

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Policy development and implementation

Drug Sense UK offers a range of services in policy development, whether it be an initial visit to assess the effectiveness and legality of your current policy or full development, dissemination and implementation of a new policy, we are here to help

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Workplace drug testing

Many employers choose to introduce drug testing In the workplace in order to improve the overall safety of that particular organisation. Screening for drugs and alcohol should be given considerable thought and should generally only be introduced if it is proportionate to the problem being addressed, or where the type of work is so safety critical that testing (random or otherwise) makes it a viable option in order to achieve the critical safety levels required.

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Pupil/Student/Parent - Insets/Seminars

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